spincity2Don’t miss SpinCity – the Fair’s exciting Amusement Ride and Game Area! SpinCity features a super assortment of over 50 amazing rides and attractions, including nine new rides (see full ride list below). Thirty-five fun games also await all adults and children alike, complete with plenty of great chances to win fabulous prizes! The area will also offer well-shaded seating areas and plenty of delicious concessions.


  • Crazy Dance Upside-down, round-and-round, this ride is sure to provide plenty of thrills and spills.
  • Hang 10 Spin, twist and turn on this classic music ride.
  • Hog Rally Not just for kids, the Hog Rally features motorcycles to enjoy a ride on the wild side.
  • Hurricane Riders bob and weave, spin and twirl during this journey on the Hurricane!
  • Jungle Twist A short track spinning coaster that children, teenagers and adults can all ride.
  • Remix 2 The Remix 2 combines all rides into one with spins, twists and flips galore.
  • Rock it! Making its Wisconsin debut, Rock It! is a 360 degree, 90-foot-tall, spinning thrill-ride!
  • Scooter Rock-n-Cars is a new bumper car ride with brighter lights, faster cars and more thrilling action.
  • Tornado A twister of a ride where passengers spin cars themselves creating their own ride experience.
  • Wave Swinger The Wave Swinger adds a swinging twist on the classic chain-swing ride.

The children’s rides Beetle Bobs, Tornado and Jungle Twist will be back this year by popular demand.


SpinCity utilizes an all-ticket system and each ride, game or attraction requires approximately 3-5 tickets. During the Fair, SpinCity 44 Ticket Sheets are available for $30 at any SpinCity ticket booth. Single tickets will also be available for $1 each. GoRide wristbands will be available for $35 for Fairgoers to enjoy an entire day of rides in SpinCity (GoRide Wristbands are not valid on SpinCity games).

Photo 4There are plenty of ways to save during your visit to SpinCity. Take advantage of one of several SpinCity Deals:

Fairgoers can visit SpinCity Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. during the SpinCity Rides & Shine, 3 Tickets before 3 p.m. promotion and enjoy all rides, games of skill and attractions for only three tickets.

Another great SpinCity deal will be available on Friday, Aug. 8 during Patrick Cudahy Day. Fairgoers with an original grocery store receipt for the purchase of one package of Patrick Cudahy product or one pound or more of Patrick Cudahy deli product will receive a voucher for $8 off the purchase of a $30 SpinCity 44 Ticket Sheet. Receipts may be redeemed at the Patrick Cudahy tent in Central Park from 9:30 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Photo 3Families visiting SpinCity can also take advantage of the coupon in the State Fair Bargain Book, which offers $8 off one $30 SpinCity 44 Ticket Sheet at the Fair. Bargain Books are available for $4 at any Fair Information Center during the Fair, or for $3 before the Fair at Milwaukee Area Fast Track Oil Change Centers.


Ride Tickets Required Minimum Height
1001 Nachts 5 48″
Air Raid 5 48″
Alpine Bobs 5 42″
Arabian Daze 5 36″
Beetle Bobs (Kiddie) 4 36″
Big Bamboo Funhouse 5 36″
Choco Cups (Kiddie) 3 48″
Cliff Hanger 5 NA
Comet II Roller Coaster 5 48″
Crazy Dance 5 42″
Dinosaur-Go-Round (Kiddie) 4 32″
Dive Bomber (Kiddie) 4 32″
Family Train (Kiddie) 4 36″
Fire Chief (Kiddie) 4 36″
Freak Out 5 48″
Frog Hopper (Kiddie) 4 36″
Genesis 5 36″
Ghost Pirate Dark Ride (Kiddie) 4 32″
Gondola Wheel (Kiddie) 5 46″
Hampton (Kiddie) 4 32″
Hang 10 5 TBD
Haunted House Dark Ride 5 38″
Hog Rally (Kiddie) 4 36″
Hurricane 5 36″
Juke Box Music Fun House 5 36″
Jungle Twist (Kiddie) 4 48″
Kid Ferris Wheel (Kiddie) 4 32″
Kite Flyer (Kiddie) 5 30″
Lady Bug (Kiddie) 4 36″
Merry-Go-Round (Kiddie) 4 36″
Monkey Maze (Kiddie) 4 42″
Monkey / Bear (Kiddie) 4 32″
Monster Truck (Kiddie) 4 32″
Orbiter 5 48″
Pharaoh’s Fury 5 48″
Puppy Express (Kiddie) 4 36″
Raiders (Kiddie) 4 36″
Rave 5 36″
Remix II 5 48″
Rockin’ Tug (Kiddie) 4 44″
RockIt 5 55″
Samba Balloon (Kiddie) 3 32″
Scooters 5 NA
Sizzler 4 42″
Sky Flyer 5 48″
Skymaster 5 48″
Slide (Kiddie) 4 32″
Speedway (Kiddie) 4 38″
Starship 3000 4 36″
Tilt-A-Whirl 4 42″
Wacky Shack Kiddy Fun (Kiddie) 4 36″
Wave Swinger 5 52″
Winky the Whale (Kiddie) 4 36″
Zipper 5 32″


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