Welcome to Wisconsin State Fair Park where rural and urban life meet. The 2014 Wisconsin State Fair, presented by U.S. Cellular will take place July 31 – August 10!
The Mission Statement of the Wisconsin State Fair Agriculture Department:
  • Be the premier showcase of Wisconsin’s #1 industry
  • Showcase Wisconsin’s most valuable resource: our youth
  • Promote agriculture awareness to the urban population
The Wisconsin State Fair Agriculture Department Team:
Brian Bolan, Agriculture Director
Robin Hensersky, Program Coordinator

The Wisconsin State Fair Competitive Exhibits Department:
jill Albanese, Competitive Exhibits Coordinator


2014 Entry Information
The entry office will open in mid-June.
Questions regarding entering the 2014 Wisconsin State Fair can be emailed to or by calling:
414.313.2767 – Competitive Events: Amateur Beer, Amateur Wine, Culinary, Horticulture, Photography, Quilts, Textiles and Crafts
414.266.7051 – Agriculture/Livestock questions until June 15
414.266.7052 – Agriculture/Livestock questions after June 15

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Click the links below for Entry Information and Updates for each department
Competitive Events Entry Information
Other Contests Entry Information
Open Livestock Entry Information
Junior Livestock Entry Information

2014 Entry Deadlines:
TBA – Young People’s Art Exhibit
April 16 – Amateur Beer and Amateur Wine
June 4 – Junior Livestock Paper (mailed) entries
June 11 – Open Livestock Paper (mailed) entries including: Beef, Dairy, Draft Horse, Goat, Horse Pull, Miniature Donkey, Poultry, Rabbit, Sheep and Swine
June 11 – Horticulture and Textile, Craft & Culinary
June 14 – Professional Wine, Meat and Cheese/Butter
June 18 – Junior Livestock Online (electronic) entries
June 25 – Open Livestock Online (electronic) entries
July 19 – Dog Diving/Jumping

If you would like to nominate a judge candidate, make program suggestions or find additional information about Agriculture Programs please go to the “News and Updates” page.


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